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Ordering Steel Bar Sections

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Flat Bar The Hard Way
We bend all sizes up to: 24” x 10”
Bending Flat Bars the Hard Way Bending Flat Bars the Hard Way
Flat Bar The Easy Way
We bend all sizes up to: 36” x 12”
Bending Flat Bars the Easy Way Bending Flat Bars the Easy Way
Square Bar
We bend all sizes up to: 18” Square
Bending Square Bars Bending Square Bars
Round Bar
We bend all sizes up to: Any Size
Bending Round Bars Bending Round Bars
  • When bending bars, the radius or diameter is usually specified as measured from the near edge. (Please see image.) If desired, however, we can hold the dimensions to the outside edge. Please specify your requirement clearly.
  • Chicago Metal Rolled Products specializes in bending bars from 1/8 round and half-round bar up to 20” rounds.
  • We are bending bars that are square and hexagon in shape up to 18”
  • We are bending flat bars from 1/8 x ½ to 36 x 12 bar the easy way(y-y axis—like a belt) or bending 24 x 10 flat bars the hard way (x-x axis—like a metal washer). And everything in between.
  • Bar segments and rings can be bent into tight radii and large sweeps. For example, Chicago Metal Rolled Products can bend a 3 inch round to as tight as a 2.5 inch inside radius. The company can also simply put a small camber in a long bar. And it can straighten all the sizes of bars it can bend.
  • Although using heat while bending bars is not a typical method at Chicago Metal, we have done some tight hairpin bends of bars with heat to satisfy Department of Transportation requirements.

Bending bars can also be done helically both the hard way and the easy way as parts for circular staircases and conveyors. Bars can also be bent off-axis into the shape of a cone. Finally, bars can be bent in two planes with both sweep and camber to form compound bends.

View all of our steel sections and how they are bent here. For more information on bending steel bar sections, contact us.