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Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI: Chicago Metal curved 2100 ft. of heavy rail weighing 750 tons to support a retractable, baseball stadium roof. Held +/- 1/8 inch radius tolerance. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries evaluation: we “thank all of the Chicago Metal employees for their quality of workmanship and their spirit of cooperation in the rolling of Mitsubishi’s rails for the Miller Park project.”

Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA: Chicago Metal curved 300 tons of 5-inch square steel tubing 45 degrees off axis to form a barrel-vault skylight 150 feet high and 327 feet long. Held +/- 1/16 inch radius tolerance—“unheard of in structural steel or even architectural steel” according to Rafael Viñoly Architects.

Train tube at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL: Chicago Metal curved 52 tons of W12 x 58# beams the “hard way” to form a series of half ellipses with radiuses of approximately 34 feet, 24 feet, and—an extremely tight—12 foot radius. Held 3/8 inch profile tolerance on the AESS curved beams with no distortion. Fabricator’s response: “The product that we got from Chicago Metal was almost perfect—they’ve always done a great job for us.”

Pritzker Pavilion Trellis, Millennium Park, Chicago, IL: Chicago Metal curved 570 tons of 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 inch OD pipe to multiple radiuses with no distortion or even scratches to snag a fingernail. The work was performed with such precision that the structural steel fabricator, Acme Structural; the erector, Danny’s Construction; and the general contractor, Walsh Construction, all remarked how “the trellis pieces went together so well.” Furthermore, early in the design phase of this project Chicago Metal made cost-saving and time-saving suggestions. John Zils of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill said Chicago Metal’s advice “was a significant contribution to the project.”

Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO: Fabricator’s comments: “All of that 12” pipe ended up making two of these box trusses. They are on 8th Street, the West Face of Busch Stadium. They are called the Eads Bridge because their architecture was modeled after the engineering marvel that crosses the Mississippi here is St. Louis. I’m not sure if I passed this along back then or not, but these pipes were rolled DEAD ON. The guys in the shop said that had never seen a pipe come in and hit every point like that in a long long time.”

8 each 2-1/2 inch x 5/16” bar rings rolled the “hard way” to a 71 inch inside diameter, tack welded. Missouri customer’s response: “On behalf of our Rep in Houston and the entire team in California, I can’t express enough how we appreciate your team’s performance on the last project you did for us. This project was a children’s hospital in Houston and was so critical to get our dampers in place for a complete overhaul of a HVAC system during a shut down period over the holiday Christmas/New Year season. Your team performed as expected, we received the rings as expected, and my team performed as expected. The product will arrive on time and all is well. Your team should be congratulated on a job well done. I personally as an Operation Manager know the difficulties and pressures of the industry and wish to thank all of you, and it is a pleasure working with such a professional team as yours. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas.”

“On behalf of my students in the course of “Materials of Construction,” I wish to thank you for coming to my class on October 5 to deliver a lecture on what your company does. It was a well organized and clearly delivered presentation on the “bending of steel” with numerous instructive examples and illustrations. The lecture fit very well within the context of what the class was learning at that time, i.e., mechanical properties of steel. You lecture was well received by all present.”
A. Longinow, PhD, PE, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology.

A Midwest fabricator, December 22, 2009: It's been great working with you this past year. It's nice to have a contact who gets quotes out so quick. With today’s rush it really helps. I look forward to working with you in the coming year. Have a joyful Christmas and safe new year.