Beam Bending

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Bending of beams for Mets Stadium

Beam bending for Mets Stadium

Beam bending for San Jose International Terminal

Beam bending for San Jose International Terminal, San Jose, CA

Tunnel support steel beam bending

Beam bending of two-piece horseshoe tunnel supports with mounting plates

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In 1992 we began operating what was then the largest structural steel beam bending roll in the Western Hemisphere. In 1999 we began operating the world’s largest beam bending machine. The combination of the greatest capacity with the most experience makes us your best choice for any project requiring bending of beams. With 30 specialized machines capable of beam bending, we can match the machine and the method to your specific requirements. For example, we can minimize trim and obtain a greater yield from the raw steel material because we have more sizes of machines to choose from than any other company. (Trim or waste or cut-off is the material required at the beginning and ending of steel curved sections: its length is determined by the distance between the rolls on the machine.) We have over 130,000 square feet of plant with the capacity to lift more than 40 tons of steel and ship steel sections 105 ft. long. We have close relationships with specialized freight carriers who have the equipment—“low boys,” stretch trailers, etc—to economically and safely ship oversize loads anywhere on the continent. All steel beam material is stored inside a climate controlled, state-of-the-art plant. With our extensive records, we can advise you regarding what steel beam bending can be done, what if any shrinkage or deformation might occur, and offer cost- and time-saving suggestions. Call us for a quick, competent and consistent consultation or quotation. We are bending the largest beams in both Chicago, IL, and Kansas City, MO.

How to order the bending of steel beam sections found here.

Beam Bending Value-Added Services

In addition to beam bending, we also rough, torch cut; plasma cut; and saw cut these sections. We can punch or drill holes in the web or flanges. We can also weld on end plates as we do on tunnel supports.

Beam Bending Applications

Equipment manufacturers use us for bending of beams for heavy equipment, truck frames, tank stiffeners, and monorails. Structural steel fabricators use us for steel beam bending for building frames, for roof supports, for canopies, for trellises, and for arches. These elements are found in stadiums, airports, rail stations, bus shelters, commercial buildings, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and many other structures.

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