CNC Pipe Bending Machine – Our New Toy

Chicago Metal Rolled Products has been the leader in the bending and rolling industry for over 110 years. We take pride in consistently investing in new bending and rolling machinery and technology, always pushing the limits and shaping the industry at large. We are thrilled to announce the newest member of our machinery – a new top-of-the-line CNC pipe bender.

CMRP is now producing complex, high-precision bends up to 4-inch schedule 80 pipe. This new pipe bender allows us to be extremely accurate with tight radii on multi bend and multi planer parts. One of the benefits of our new CNC pipe bender is that we now have the ability to increase our output per hour while holding better than industry standard tolerances with up to three consecutive bends on one piece of pipe or tube. This is ideal for many OEMs across several different industries including water reclamation, construction, aerospace, agriculture, and others. Because this CNC pipe bender has the most advanced technology, it is able to read all step and LRA files directly from our customers.

Complex Bends without Miter Cuts or Welds

The CNC pipe bender can eliminate miter cuts and welds, saving our customer time and money. The machine allows us to load a 20-foot long pipe while producing multiple bends on the same plane or different planes, perfect for stadium handrails or bike racks. In fact, we just completed a job for 400 flat back U shaped bike racks.

Flat-Back U-Shaped Bike Racks

We are excited to be offering these new capabilities in tandem with all other services. We have become our customers one-stop bending and rolling company.


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