Staying Safe: COVID-19

With the coronavirus dominating the daily conversation, we thought it would be best to reach out to our customers directly and inform you of what we have been doing since March to combat the spread of this virus.

First and foremost, we would be amiss if we did not begin with our employees. If it were not for their steadfast dedication to the craft, continuous hard work, and flexibility we would not have been able to push through these difficult times with such success.

Another sincere ‘thank you’ needs to be given to our loyal customers, who have truly stayed with us as we navigate these unprecedented times. Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and support.

As an essential business, Chicago Metal Rolled Products stayed open through the duration of the shelter in place. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, and customers while supporting our customers and their operations. Early in March we began providing cleaning materials to every individual to disinfect their workspace and required cleaning before/after every shift. Hand sanitizer stations and hand washing stations were erected throughout our facilities. To mitigate the number of people interacting at once, we implemented staggering office and shop shifts, which we have continued doing. We provided training and education related to personal hygiene, physical distancing, and other steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It is without fail that doorknobs are one of the most highly touched areas in any shop or office. When Covid-19 began, we knew that our normal doorknobs had to go. Our shop was able to use extra copper material to quickly and creatively fabricate ‘elbow’ knobs to mitigate the spread of germs throughout the office and shop. We decided on copper instead of carbon for its known antimicrobial properties. This has turned out to be incredibly popular, with some of our customers ordering our “Elbow Knob” for their own plant doors. If our invention would help with your germ mitigation efforts, give us a call and we will work up a quote for you. While we used copper, you may prefer stainless or carbon steel for your use.

Custom ‘Elbow’ Door Handle
Practice Social Distancing
Wear a Mask

To help the community during this time, one of our employees started using his personal 3d printer to create a headpiece that snaps into a PVC mask to create a face mask. He was donating face masks to people in our local community who were working on the front lines.

As we continue to maneuver through and fight this COVID-19 global pandemic, it is reassuring to know that our team at Chicago Metal Rolled Products stands ready and able to serve our customers and continues to be the leader in the bending and rolling industry.


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