Is a 22% Sales Increase Possible?

As we begin to settle into this new way of life and unfold what our lifestyles will look like for the rest of this year and 2021, we have found that many homeowners are dusting off their to-do list and tackling projects that might have been put on the back burner. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau report, home centers, hardware stores, garden centers, and building materials suppliers realized a year-over-year sales increase of 22.6%, leading all retail categories except for online purchases.

Many people are comprehending that vacations this year most likely won’t be feasible and working from home will be long term, therefore they are investing in their homes. A Consumer Specialists survey of more than 600 homeowners conducted in June revealed that 57% of homeowners did a home improvement project from March to May. Our recent orders over the past few months parallel this statistic from Consumer Specialists and the Home Projects Council.

Helical rolling, also known as pitched rolling or sloped rolling, is one of the more complex processes that bender/roller companies might incorporate into their rolling services. When it comes to home improvement projects, helical rolling is typically used for curved stair stringers and curved handrails.

Most architects are looking to incorporate the exposed curved stair stringer as part of the design and aesthetic of the overall home. Therefore, these custom-manufactured stair stringers must meet Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) quality standards. To ensure these quality standards when we are curving decorative pieces, our operators must use a special rolling set up to prevent the distortion of blemishes to the material.

AESS Curved Staircase

Our custom-curved stair stringers are always double-checked for 100% dimensional accuracy. Often, holes can be added to the web of helical channels within a curved stair stringer so that tread can be bolted on in the field, providing for an easier assembly process for our customer. We understand that most contractors are on tight timelines, which is why we always strive for quick delivery before the set delivery date.

Welding Stair Stringers in the Shop
Curved Handrails and Stair Stringers Welded and Assembled
How a Curved Staircase is Delivered for Installation

It is evident that COVID-19 and subsequent Stay-at-Home orders from local governments made a big difference in how people interact with their homes. Spending more time at home makes those home improvement projects more meaningful and allows for additional time to be spent on them.


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