It’s Not Easy Being Green

“Going Green” has become a large part of repairing our nation’s infrastructure.  Construction repairs to our roads, bridges and even governmental buildings are all required to be cost, energy and health conscious. Residential and corporate buildings and properties can also be “Green”. Concerns for our environment and our future generations have led to many “Green” changes.  These changes not only increase our quality of life but reduce the impact we make on our environment.  Furthermore, “Going Green” does not necessarily mean more expensive.  In fact cost reductions for the life of the project are often part of the goal.

There are many organizations with guidelines, checklists and certifications all focusing on creating and rehabbing properties, infrastructure and buildings to be as energy and ecologically efficient as possible.  Addressing the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (L.E.E.D.s) requirements with a knowledgeable steel sales associate will make your job easier. You will have the specifications spelled out before you begin the project.  All the expectations will have been discussed and acknowledged so that the sections supplied by a roller/bender will meet the guidelines for the project.  These guidelines can be as basic as the distance the steel beam has to be transported from the mill to the project location,  or more complicated such as the recycled content of the supplied steel.  Provide as many details of your L.E.E.D.s requirements as possible so proper documentation (including mill test reports) can be supplied with your quote.


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