Designing in Safety for Playground Equipment: Bending and Rolling Pipe

Although companies that specialize in bending and rolling steel pipe do not design playground equipment, they often provide component parts.  Some playground manufacturers bend pipe for their products in house, but many turn to a Bender/Roller because they have the expertise to produce the parts with high quality, quick delivery and high value.

A key aspect of the design of playground equipment is, of course, the safety of the product.  For example, pipe rolled helically for ‘kiddie climbers” must be designed so that a child can’t be stuck within the spiral.

A basketball backboard with an extra-long gooseneck allows 5 feet from the face of the backboard to the pole which greatly reduces the risk for injury for standard poles with only 3 feet of clearance.

So when you see this design on a court, drive hard to the HOOP!

Rolled Pipes for Basketball Poles
Helically Rolled Pipe for “Kiddie Climbers”


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