Bending Steel Tubes for Canopies: Functional Aesthetics

A common use for curved structural steel is for canopies at the entrance to buildings. Using curved steel such as rectangular or square tubes can provide an aesthetically pleasing look in addition to functionality.

Creating a similar structure out of straight sections may require additional welding and trim time. Consequently, the additional rolling costs of using curved steel may be offset and sometimes even lead to savings by reducing fabrication time. A possible reduction in the total weight of steel required may also lead to cost savings.

Here is a recent such example of using rolled steel tubes for a canopy. This canopy is currently under construction at a school in the northeast United States.  The customer required 6 x 6 x 3/8” square tubes to be rolled to a 20’ 6” inside radius.

By placing the canopy in front of a glass building, an interesting and appealing visual is created by the reflection.


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