Profile Bending for Helical Handrails

The beautiful staircase below was made more attractive by incorporating profile bending to create helical handrails.

The profiles are comprised of ½ x 2-1/2in flat bar (top rail)  and  traditional handrail moulding (bottom rail) both rolled the hard way to a 5ft 2-1/2in and 5ft 6in inside radii respectively into a helical shape with a 29.9 degree pitch.

A special rolling set up was required to roll the handrail moulding (Wagner #H1244-19) the hard way with no distortion or cosmetic blemishes.

Notice that the top rail is finished off as a scroll which is a spiral, i.e. a flat bar rolled in one plane.  This shape is also sometimes called a “pancake coil.”  The bottom rail is finished off with a “lamb’s tongue.”


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