A Crowning Achievement

A recent project request came into CMRP from one of our customers to help them in recreating a unique feature for one of their clients.  The client wanted to add a truly standout ornamental showcase for their building based on a piece they encountered elsewhere.  The piece was designed to be a decorative crown for a circular tower with a prominent location on their building.  A varied combination of tubes, plate, and sheet would be needed to recreate the leaf-like crown display.  As well, since this was to be a feature showpiece for the building, the customer was using an entirely stainless-steel construction with a polished finish.  One of the challenges with using a polished material with rolling is when to do the polishing.  It is much easier to put the polish into straight material prior to rolling as opposed to the already curved metal, but the trade-off is the potential for damage to the polished finish during the rolling process.  Working with the customer and using best practices in-house, CMRP was able to keep to a minimum this type of damage, so that there would be as little post-rolling clean up of the finish as possible.  By putting the polish into the material beforehand, countless hours of more difficult post rolling polishing by hand were saved, reducing fabrication time and cost.  In the end, by working together with the customer from the early design stages, we were able to help create a true showcase piece for their client which is a fantastic display of their work.  Additional work by the fabricator to install a custom lighting program truly emphasizes the curved and polished stainless finish at night.  The multi-colored display accentuates the building into a real showcase of the neighborhood.


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