Getting a Job Done When the Clock is Running Out

We have all experienced those moments when there does not seem to be enough time left to complete a job.  The game is on the line, and the clock is ticking down, with only moments to spare to come from behind.  Deadlines approach quickly for a variety of reasons, and sometimes a delay can spell disaster for a project.  In these high-profile situations, time management is critical, and locating a company that can meet those fast approaching deadlines is a necessity.

Chicago Metal Rolled Products has helped on a few projects recently where the clock was winding down.  In one situation, the customer required two eye-catching helical staircases to be installed on location. The stairs needed to be on site in Boston as the Midwest and East coast were going through a rough winter which caused many shipping delays.  The site where these were to be installed was hosting one of the largest party events during the biggest football game of the year.  Though time and weather worked against the odds, Chicago Metal was able to complete the job in a limited window and get the helical channels and handrails to the customer in time.

Helical Channels and Handrails for Circular Stairs

Another example of working against the odds involved some tightly rolled aluminum tubing.  To meet the customer’s needs, Chicago Metal had to finish the job within a few days of order.  There were limited sources available for the quantity needed of this specific size of rectangular tubing that could supply it in time.  After receiving the material, the shop immediately began work only to discover the material cracked, likely due to age-hardening.

Cracked Rectangular Aluminum Tubing

Chicago Metal Rolled Products was able to have the material stress-relieved to resolve the issue and still complete the project for the customer ahead of competitors.

Material Rolled Perfectly After Annealing

Locating a company that can meet those tight deadlines can be crucial to landing a job.  In these instances, working with a shop that has experience in managing those time-sensitive projects can make all the difference.


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