Drum Roll Please…

Yep.  We did it.  We spent a ton of time working on a website redesign to better showcase our services. We know not everyone is going to intuitively know to go check every nook and cranny of our site and find why it’s so cool, so we are going to give you a nudge in the direction to travel.  During the redesign process, we wanted to focus on making it easier for our visitors to learn and locate valuable information about our solutions for their particular application.  We have completely reorganized information on our main navigation into Bending Services, Material, Calculators, and Work Examples.  Our Bending Services photo album is especially nifty to include an album cover with shifting cover pages that link you to individual categories of work containing a slide carousel of updated photographs.  We answered your request for a downloadable pdf our capabilities which can be found here or accessed directly on the site under Resources.  Our extremely popular online calculators can now be found in four different places for quick access no matter where you find yourself on our site – on our home page, in our footer, on the top navigation under Resources and Calculators.  There is a bounty of good stuff on the site so ….

But wait!! We’re not done!  Just because you asked so nicely, we launched our Instagram page, too!  Here is where you will find us posting ‘Hot off the press’ photos of things in our shop, things that left our shop, things that were built out of things that came from our shop and sometimes we will even give you a sneak peek at the fun people here who you otherwise might have only known as a voice over the phone.  Have fun and follow us if you care!


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