Curved Steel and Mill Test Reports

Recently, we received a frantic call from a customer, “I can’t unload my order for rolled beams until I have the Mill Test Reports (MTR): it’s a Code Job!”  Government Codes for cities, state and local municipalities have specific requirements for the steel going into a project.

The most common requirement is that the steel is “Melted and Manufactured in United States.”  Mill Test Reports are furnished by the producer of the steel  structural section that a Roller/Bender purchases for a project. The MTR states the chemical contents of the steel and its properties. Roller/Benders utilize this information to determine if the material can be formed and to what minimum dimension among other applications.  Happily, we were able to email the MTR to the customer in a PDF format immediately and did not delay their production.

For quality, safety and other reasons, companies must retain traceability of the raw material of metal fabrication including tracking MTRs.  Fortunately, much of this communication can be transferred, applied and stored electronically for ease of sharing.

A sample MTR appears below.


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