A New Learned Experience

When was the last time you tried to learn a new skill, hobby or sport? Often times, when you begin it is challenging, but you end up growing as a person and enjoying that new hobby.  At Chicago Metal Rolled Products, we have made it a priority to ensure that our team is always learning and evolving. This happens through many channels, but one successful method is to cross-train all employees. We have found that this has several benefits to our employees and the business as a whole.

Cross-training allows our employees to learn the different departments within our shop. By expanding their skill sets, employees become more confident in their ability and more invested in our company. We have found that cross-training new employees is especially important. It gives them an opportunity to build relationships with fellow coworkers and creates a sense of community from the get-go. It shows employees that we value teamwork and collaboration, and helps them understand that at CMRP, we are a family.

Cross-training improves the workflow in the shop as well. By having multiple employees that can confidently shift between machines and departments we are able to create an uninterrupted workflow. This occurs often when an employee is on vacation or out for an extended period of time.

Maurizio who is recently started cross-training in the shipping department said, “I didn’t realize the depth of knowledge that I needed to know to be in shipping. I thought I could successfully pack bundles, load and unload the trucks with just the information that was provided. Charles, Kent and Chester gave me the deep knowledge that I needed in order to be more successful in this department. By learning all the intricate details from them, I am now able to complete my job more efficiently.”

The most interesting take away that we found from cross-training at CMRP is that each employee benefits differently from the process. So, the next time you are wary about learning a new hobby, sport or skill – we encourage you to lean into that unknown space. When it gets tough, turn to your peers for assistance because they can be a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.


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