Steel Plate Rolling and Bending of Higher Strength Steels

When performing steel plate rolling and bending of higher strength steels, you will have two main considerations:

1. The tonnage/capacity of the machine
2. The spring back of the material after pressure is released

The tonnage is fairly linear in proportion with the yield strength. So if the yield strength doubles, so does the tonnage required to bend it.  Most bending and rolling machines are rated using a “standard” of mild steel A36 or 1018 with yield strength around 36,000 psi.

Here are some typical grades specified for bending and rolling:

Grade              TYPICAL Yield strength           Tonnage Multiplier
A572Gr.50         50,000psi                               x 1.38
A588 Corten      50,000psi                                x 1.38
A516Gr.70         38,000 psi                               x 1.19
AR400              100,000psi                               x 2.78

Note that these are typical or even minimum properties.
You will have to look at the MTR (Material Test Report) from the producing mill to verify the actual properties of the metal you are trying to bend.

The spring back of the material is a more complicated formula, but in general:

1. The higher the yield strength, the more that the material springs back
2. The larger the forming radius, the more the spring back angle

For example, when you bend ¼” plate to a ¼” radius 90 degrees,
A36 will springback is only 0.25 degrees.
Gr50 will springback still is only 0.35 degrees.

But if the radius is larger, say 2”, then
A36 will springback 2.58 degrees.
Gr50 will springback 3.58 degrees.

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from your website ,

“Steel Plate Rolling and Bending of Higher Strength Steels
By Dan, on November 3rd, 2011”

the following table mix between yield and tensile strength for the following two material
ASTM A572 gr50 ====> 50ksi yield
ASME SA516 gr70 ====> 70ksi tensile
so take care about this.

Baker Ali
chief Operation officer /ibsf

Grade TYPICAL Yield strength Tonnage Multiplier
A572Gr.50 50,000psi x 1.38
A588 Corten 50,000psi x 1.38
A516Gr.70 70,000 psi x 1.94
AR400 100,000psi x 2.78


Thanks for the correction, Baker Ali. We agree with your analysis.

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