Steel Cone Fabrication Using Minimum Amount of Pieces

In the past month, I had several customers looking for steel cone fabrication of some larger size cones.

Large or small steel cone fabrication require some design preparation before the actual rolling is performed.  First, the steel plate (or sheet) needs to be cut to a cone “flat pattern”.  The size of that flat pattern will dictate in how many pieces the cone could be rolled.  If the flat pattern is so large it does not fit the available material size or in the plate roller, then the cone will need to be split into 2, 3, 4 or even more pieces.

The large cone my customer was looking for had to be 82 inches major diameter outside, 14 inches minor diameter outside and 173 inches high, and rolled out of 0.25 inch A36 steel plate.

Using our online steel cone calculator, I determined that the Gross Rectangle Width (per 1 pc) was approximately 180 inches and Gross Rectangle Length (per 1 pc) was approximately 246 inches — which would not fit in the available sizes of the material.  The cone height needed to be split into two.

Steel Cone Fabrication Calculator
Steel Cone Fabrication Calculator
Gross Rectangle Width and Length
Gross Rectangle Width and Length of Steel Cone

Then I recalculated the flat patterns for two separate cones to be rolled in one piece each. That still turned out too big to fit in the available material. I had to recalculate for each cone to be rolled in two pieces which finally allowed me to fit the flat pattern within the material size.

Flat Patterns for Rolled Cones
Flat Patterns for Rolled Steel Cones

Due to the material size availability, this large cone will be made out of 4 pieces welded together. Two pieces will form the bottom part of the cone and two pieces will form the top part of the cone.

If the cone was not as tall but had a larger major diameter it could be possibly rolled in three pieces of 120 degrees or four pieces of 90 degrees.

We will be happy to help you in the determination of the minimum amount of pieces your large cone could be rolled.



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