The American Institute of Steel Construction

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) has the motto “There’s Always a Solution in Steel.”  Within the universe of steel, AISC serves several very important functions.

AISC sets the standards for steel construction in the United States. Its handbooks specify everything from the tolerances for fabricated structural steel to the criteria for certifying the practices of a structural steel fabricator. The organization publishes professional journals (such as Engineering Journal) as well as glossy magazines (such as Modern Steel Construction). It offers seminars, webinars, and conventions such as the North American Steel Construction Conference (NASCC).

AISC’s website not only provides expert information on steel construction, it also provides steel tools useful to those in the industry.

Membership in AISC includes a wide range of groups: architects, engineers, general contractors, structural steel fabricators, detailers, specialty subcontractors, steel service centers, and producers of steel. Another segment of the membership provides equipment for the fabrication of steel that cut, pierce and form the material. Lastly, there are suppliers that supply the literal nuts and bolts for the steel connections in buildings.

AISC also promotes sustainability in construction through its “green initiatives” and through helping to sets the applicable standards for the industry.

Finally, AISC reaches out to the community beyond steel construction by, for example, its annual steel day. Throughout the nation, various steel producers, fabricators, and others open their facilities to the general public to help educate them about the virtues of using steel in construction.


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