SteelDay 2020 Goes Virtual

Last week, our friends at the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) sponsored their annual SteelDay celebration with SteelDay 2020 going virtual this year. This interactive celebration was 100 percent virtual and celebrated our beloved structural steel industry. SteelDay brings awareness to the importance of the structural steel industry in the United States and highlights buildings and bridges that use structural steel. AISC hosted a variety of award presentations, virtual tours, quiz nights, and webinars to get people involved in SteelDay from the comfort of their home.

Here at CMRP, structural steel is a material we celebrate every day. These are just a few of the reasons:

  • The aesthetic appeal – we are lucky enough to work on many AESS projects like the MGM National Harbor and the Denver Civic Center Station Steel Canopy.
  • The challenge – Curving structural steel is no easy feat. Whether it is a stair stringer or an “s” curve product, we welcome the challenge.
  • The performance – for many of our architectural and structural customers, we develop curved steel products that help their structures last.
  • The sustainability – CMRP regularly contributes curved steel for LEED projects all over the country. More so, structural steel produced in the U.S. uses 93% recycled steel scrap.

The last two years, CMRP participated in PKM Steel’s event in Salina, Kansas with a company booth and freebies. We welcomed industry professionals, students, and people interested in learning about CMRP and structural steel in general.

Like many events this year, SteelDay looks a little different than in year’s past. Events are geared towards architectural, engineering, and construction professionals, as well as students and the public.

SteelDay 2020 events informed viewers about:

  • The latest technologies – ranging from improvements in the properties of steel to better equipment and new communication and design tools
  • What’s going on today with structural steel
  • Provide an opportunity to network with people advancing the design and construction industry

Check out AISC’s website for more information


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