Engineering Bulk Solids Handling Systems

If you are in the powder and bulk solids material handling industry, then you know that engineering bulk solids handling systems entail achieving complicated designs to ensure material flow problems do not occur. Sometimes finding the most cost-effective steps to engineering bulk solids handling systems to solve those problems can be a challenge. Outlined below are a few online engineering calculators for very difficult mathematical calculation problems. You don’t need to be a math genius to help calculate your design, but you do need to make sure you enter the correct data.

Most bulk solids handling systems include a cone bottom tank. The cone-shaped tank has an excellent geometry for draining out the products. It is very easy to calculate the material for a cylinder (Diameter x Pie), but when it comes to calculating a cone it can get very complicated. The problem comes in when someone needs to try to find the best slant angle or cut shape to optimize your product flow through the cone bottom tank. This online cone calculator will calculate slant, radius, and weight.

Cone Bottom Tank
Cone Bottom Tank

Screw conveyor parts such as the screw conveyor rotator will require calculations of pitch and developed lengths.  Other equipment parts of the bulk solids handling system requiring calculations of helical bending include the mixer blade and bending ribbon and even spiral stairs strings to access the top of large tanks. This helical bending calculator outputs radius and pitch of stair stringers.

Helically Rolled Parts
Helically Rolled Parts

Vibrating screen parts include structural steel rings to help support your round vibratory separator system or a ring to hold your mesh screen.  For this, you will need to determine the minimum radius of the ring to maintain the pipe or tube ovality. This ovality calculator requires only the OD dimension (maximum, minimum and nominal).  Determining if distortion or buckling will occur when bending plate or flat bar in the strong axi may be calculated with this flatbar calculator.

Vibarting Screen Parts
Vibrating Screen Parts

Storage tank design calculations become critical when the volume of the storage tank is so big related to the thickness of its shell that a tank will need stiffeners made from angles, tees, or channels to help structurally support all internal and external forces. It is a challenge finding the radius or the chord and rise needed to bend the parts. Radius is also needed when curving the support or sides of a catwalk used inside or on top of tanks.  This online radius calculator will help design any curvature.

Storage Tank Stiffener
Storage Tank Stiffener

Engineering bulk solids handling systems require exact calculations to keep the material flowing.  Use the online calculators to ensure accurate designs.


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