Why Pushing Limits is Important for Bender/Rollers

From a mechanical standpoint, metal bending and rolling machinery is pretty straightforward.  The piece you are trying to bend, is placed between curved rollers which put the desired shape on the piece under pressure.  While many bending and rolling companies have access to similar rolling machines, the expertise that comes through years of experience allows some companies to consistently be breaking rolling and bending barriers.  While these machines will come with a manual that details the limitations on the materials it can work with, these limitations might not mirror those of the company using the equipment.  Picture two identical stock cars on a racetrack.  One of them is being driven by a professional NASCAR driver, and the other by a school bus driver.  While they both have experience operating cars, one knows more about the limits of the vehicle, and how to get the most out of that vehicle for performance.

Companies with a wide variety of machinery mixed with experienced estimators, engineers and operators have a major advantage when it comes to expanding the capabilities of a facility. The good bender/roller companies keep detailed records of every piece they have ever bent (Yes, every single piece). This allows them to know where the previous limitations have been set, compare these results and set their boundaries. But the best bender roller companies see these limitations and find ways to expand them.

Expanding the capabilities of a company is a true team effort.  The estimators, engineers, and operators can all pool their individual knowledge to try and find a solution. Things like making modifications to machines or using multiple machines to get the desired shape are often the solution but every company has their own top secret techniques that make them unique.

Having that experience in pushing limitations helps keep leaders at the front, innovating and discovering new ways to expand their business.  What may have been considered “impossible” a few years ago, could now be one of a company’s leading products.  At the end of the day contacting a bender/ roller company and using their expertise in the field is the best way to find out what can be done.

Metal Bending Record Keeping


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