Structural Steel Bending Questions From Architects and Engineers Answered Here.

I have frequently lectured and written about structural steel bending for architects, engineers and structural steel fabricators as well as for undergraduate and graduate school engineering students. In the dialogue that followed the presentations, I have been asked a number of questions.

Some of these questions are best answered by the rolling houses (companies that specialize in curving structural steel), others best answered by structural steel fabricators, others best answered by architects and engineers, and still others best answered by a combination of the above groups.

The following list is a compilation of the major questions that arise and what Chicago Metal Rolled Products has blogged about that topic:

1. Cost
a. Curved Steel in Construction?  No Worries!
    b. Structural Beam Bending:  $aving More Money When Cambering Beams

2. Allowable bending stress, strength capacity reduction, and other effects on properties
    a. Curved Steel in Construction?  No Worries!

3. Specification requirements
    a. Working With Detailers to Achieve Multi-Radius Bending
b. Specifications For Building Circular Staircases
    c. Bending Steel Sections:  The “D” Word
    d. Curved Steel Sections?  Material Take-Offs Yield Quick and Accurate Quotes.
    e. Specifying Curved Steel Sections
    f. When There Are No Pictures To Communicate Specifications For Bending Steel Sections, Use Everyday References

4. Relationship between member types/sizes and rolling limitations
    a. What is the meaning of “Yes, we have the capacity to bend that beam”?
    b. Minimum Bending Radius When Bending Bars of Steel

5. How to analyze and design
    a. Curved Steel in Construction?  No Worries!
    b. American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Revises Beam Bending Standards.
c. Galvanizing Curved Steel
    d. What does AESS really mean when applied to structural steel tube bending?
    e. Both Camber and Sweep in Tube Bending?

6. What tolerances are achievable
    a. How Do the Tolerances for Structural Steel Construction Apply to Companies that Specialize in Structural Steel Bending?
b. Mock-ups For Structural Steel Bending and Steel Plate Rolling

7. Sequencing, project schedule impacts, and other design/project limitations.
    a. Bending Steel Sections:  How Long Does It Take?

These blogs comprise partial answers to the questions commonly asked by architects and engineers about curved steel. More information can be found on our website.

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