What OEMs Want From Suppliers That Provide Steel Bending

What do OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) want from suppliers that provide steel bending? Well, all customers most often want quality, service, speed, and value.  OEMs want those too, but we can be more specific about their needs and, in particular, their needs for the curving of steel sections.

OEMs require that a supplier prove that it can supply the requisite quality.  This is done by supplying sample parts, by reviewing the supplier’s quality systems, and by references from other customers of the supplier.  PPAPs (Production Part Approval Process) are also often required. In the particular case of curved steel, meeting critical dimensions and providing material certification will be among the key aspects to be checked.

OEMs need to have on-time delivery because they can not afford to shut down their manufacturing due to the late delivery by a supplier.  Moreover, many OEMs are operating in a just-in-time environment without safety stock as a backup so on-time delivery becomes more critical.  Speed often comes in to play when an OEM has difficulty predicting its rate of usage of curved parts.  A surge in orders might require expedited delivery from a supplier. Many curved steel sections can be provided within a few days to satisfy the changing needs of an OEM.

OEMs often want to have suppliers provide services that add value to the required parts.  In the case of curved steel, these services can include drilling, punching, cutting, grinding, welding, and galvanizing the curved steel sections as well as providing special packaging.

Price is important to OEMs, but they recognize that the overall value that a supplier provides in terms of quality, service, speed and price will ultimately determine how well a supplier can serve a given OEM.


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