Structural Beam Bending: Shipping Large Loads

One aspect to consider regarding structural beam bending is how large loads will be shipped.  Various states set criteria for the maximum height, width and weight that can be shipped by truck.  In Illinois, for example, typical restrictions for a flat bed truck are a maximum of 13 ft. 2in. high, 102 inches wide and weighing not more that 40,000 pounds.  For loads larger that this, special permits will be required and perhaps even escorts.

The load below is just at 13 ft tall, 102 inches wide weighing 36,000 pounds.

There are other considerations that apply specifically to shipping steel sections that have been curved, however.  For example, in the picture above you can see two bundles of steel beams that have been curved the hard way to about 180 degrees.  They have been loaded on the truck in a way that will balance the load:  If the two bundles had been set on the truck the same way, the truck would list to one side or the other.  More complicated loads require special handling to achieve this balance.


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