Steel Sheet Curved into Cones for Attractive Clothing Displays

If one were to place bets on where you could easily observe curved steel sheet in its end use, the clothing section of a department store such as Macy’s or Dillards would probably be your last wager.  If this were the case, you could end up in the hole some, as all you would have to do is take a closer look at your surroundings.

All department stores have display stands, racks, and tables that they exhibit their clothing and other products on.  The next time you’re walking through one of these stores take a peek at the displays, and you will be surprised to find many of these displays are made with curved sheet metal.  Most are made of light gauge metal such as steel strip cut from sheet.  The strip is then formed to the desired desgin specifications.

In one application, light gauge steel strips are formed conically to the outer dimensions of a wood display table top.  Once the metal cone is formed and welded complete, steel strips are laser cut to fit the inside diameter of the cones.  These strips are then welded together to act as connecting flanges for the wood table tops.

Laser-Cut Steel Connecting Flanges

Each display consists of 3 different size cones which are stacked in order to give the display a broader area to show its items.  The surrounding cone acts as a lip to contain the items it displays so they won’t fall off the display as consumers pass by.  This construction also increases the aesthetic appeal to the customer, giving the display table a much sleeker, contemporary feel.

Display Comprised of Three Different Size Cones
Assembly of Cone to Flange


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