Specifying Curved Steel Sections

Some companies that specialize in rolling and bending metal for construction and/or for component parts for equipment strive for continual improvement in the curving process to yield improved curved metal products. These cutting-edge companies build on decades of experience that makes them a valuable resource for their customers.

Their customers, however, sometimes do not know exactly what should be specified and how the curved metal sections should be specified. The most important details to specify when ordering curved steel sections are as follows:

• Member Size & Shape
• Material Type
• Member Orientation (when rolled)
• Radius or Diameter
• Arc Length or Degree of Rotation
• Tangent Length (If applicable)
• Rise or Degree of Pitch (If applicable)

The best rolling and bending companies welcome further dialogue with their customers to ensure that the final products represent the best quality, delivery,  service and value for a given application.


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