Steel Plate Rolling for the Circular Stairs at Drexel University

The monumental circular staircase at the Drexel University Integrated Sciences Building
were created by helical steel plate rolling of 68,000 pounds of 2 inch thick, 16 inch deep solid plate stringers.  2 x 16 steel flats were rolled to a 4 feet 4 inch inside radius with a walk-up-turn-left pitch of 33.25 degrees for the inside stair stringers.  And 2 x 16 steel flats were rolled to a 9 feet inside radius with a  walk-up-turn-left pitch of 16.92 degrees for the outside stair stringers.

The four-story, self-supporting helical stairs have glass guardrails and polished stainless steel handrails.

Suggesting the structure of DNA, the circular staircase overlooks a “biowall” that filters the air in the atrium with live plant material.

Regarding the design and fabrication of circular stairs, please see the Chicago Metal Rolled Products easy-to-use and powerful Stringer Calculator.  It’s likely to  make your life easier by providing quick and accurate computations, improved communication, and increased quality.


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