Rotary Channel Splitter

A rotary channel splitter is a device that cuts with revolving steel wheels.  A blade that is stationary rotates to push the channel against another blade that causes the material to experience highly localized shear stresses between the two blades.  In a rotary shear process, materials are cut in the pinch between two overlapping hardened metal disks.  The disks create stress in the shear mode necessary to separate the channel.

Rotary shearing is a very accurate cutting process that produces pieces that have a very high cut tolerance.  The cutting results are affected by the cutting machine and if the machine is calibrated correctly you can expect very smooth cuts without any burr or rough edges.

Cutting problems can occur resulting in twist, camber and bow.  The major factors that cause cutting problems are too big of a cutting angle, blunt blades, incorrect clearance, and unnecessary bending of the frame and axles in the cutting machine.  A rotary splitter produces very clean cuts and saves the end user money by making the cut in a fraction of the time it would take to make the same cut with a saw or torch.

A rotary channel splitter was used by Chicago Metal to split MC10 x 22 steel channels into two angles dimensioned at 3.315″ x 2″ with the two legs having different thicknesses.  Then the custom angles were curved with the 2″ leg in to an inside radius of 1ft 11in.

These angles are being used to hold up a canopy for a bus station located in Texas.  When the commuters are waiting for their bus they will be protected from the sun and the rain by an engineered canopy incorporating curved angles with unusual dimensions.


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