Rolled Angle Rings: Versatile and Efficient

Over the years, blacksmiths, engineers and fabricators have searched for innovative ways to safely secure and install a round, sheet metal stovepipe to a fire box, then continue the piping on through the roof or exterior wall of a structure to form a functional exhaust system.

No doubt many solutions were found, but nothing succeeded like rolled angle rings. Lightweight, versatile and adjustable, rolled angle rings simplified air flow connections. Originally forged from steel with heat, mechanically rolled and welded rings evolved, adding a more efficient way to achieve a wider variety of diameters and tighter tolerances.

Chicago Metal over the years has performed angle bending to create standard sizes of angle rings from 3 inch diameter to 72 inch and above for today’s sophisticated, modern mechanical systems. Applications include using companion rings to connect metal duct work, to support fan housings, and to mount to elbows and transitions. The resulting ductwork may convey not only air but also particulate like sawdust.  Another application uses stainless steel pipe elbows, stainless steel pipe, and stainless steel angle rings to ventilate “clean rooms.”

From 6-inch-diameter clothes-dryer hose ducts made out of 1 x 1 x 1/8 inch angle to 20 foot diameter rings made out of 8 x 8 x 1-1/8 inch angle for the metal duct work of industrial air handlers, these rings are available in most structural grades including aluminum, with or without punched mounting holes.

The metal angle ring is commonly used as a connection between lengths of welded or lock-seam pipe. The angle flange allows the free flow of air or material without interfering screws or bolts

Angle rings can be supplied in any quantities from one to thousands.

Do you have an application for rolled angle rings?


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