Profile Bending for the Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metalworking Industry

When the job requirements for curved steel exceed their capabilities, members of the ornamental and miscellaneous metalworking industry often turn to companies that specialize in steel profile bending.  Although the miscellaneous metal workers can fabricate beautiful and complex railings, gates, fencing, furniture, balconies and sculptures—and many times with steel sections they curve themselves– they sometimes need to outsource the bending to a bender/roller.

For example, the designers of a bar at the new Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore sketched out a decorative, bell shape that would hang over the bar tenders and hold glassware. The miscellaneous fabricator turned to us as a bender/roller to create the complex curves out of 6,268 pounds of heavy tubing.

Seven 6 x 2 x 5/16 tubes were curved the hard way to radii from 44in to 47ft.

Twelve 6 x 3 x ¼ tubes were curved the hard way to multiple radii of 66in and 140in within each piece.

And four 6 x 3 x ¼ tubes were rolled the easy way to radii from 109in to 43ft.

The two companies worked together to create ellipses easier for both companies to fabricate while still producing a quality product for the high-end hotel.  The miscellaneous metal fabricator is considering submitting the software solution in a competition among the SDS2 user group members.

With the help of some sophisticated software, the collaboration between a bender/roller and a miscellaneous metal fabricator provided the solution to the customer’s challenging requirements.


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