Powder Coating Carbon Steel Rolled Angle Rings

An interesting request involving rolled angle rings came our way recently. Occasionally for OEM and other customers, parts are needed where it makes sense to have additional work completed outside of bending and rolling before it is received by the customer. Some advantages could include freight savings, reduction in lead time, and reducing paperwork/workload.

Recently an OEM customer contacted us with a part they needed for a new product. It was for angle bending of a 1 x 1 x 1/8″ ┬áinto a ring. Normally this is a very common request. This ring had a few unique things about it, however. It required a unique slot punched on the 4 quadrants, which was well within our capabilities.

It also needed to be powder coated. One of the benefits of powder coating is a more durable finish than paint. These rings were going to be used in an outdoor application for drainage systems, and the product line required them to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing. To save the customer work, time, and money, we coordinated with a local powder coating company and were able to have the rings rolled, punched, powder coated with a gloss safety yellow coating, and shipped out 4 business days after the order was received.


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