Large Bollards Made From Formed and Rolled Metal Plate

Bollards are usually a post or other metal or concrete structure that helps define a physical space–think of the posts put up at key buildings after 9/11.

Bollard in Front of the Supreme Court of the United States

But bollards date back to ancient Rome where they served as road markers.  Recently we had an opportunity to make some rather large bollards–or I should say–bollard segments.  Some 180 degreees.  Some 90 degress.  You can see them packed tightly together in the picture below to save shop floor space.

Can You Find Both the 180 and 90 Degree Sections?

All of the bollard segments are 4ft tall, all are rolled of 3/8 thick steel plate, and all have an inside radius of 36in.  But, as I said before, some have a 180 degree of arc and some have 90 degrees of arc.

Furthermore, the 180 degree sections have 16in inward flanges at the end of the arc.  The 90 degree sections also have flanges, but they are configured somewhat differently.  Please see the sketch below.

Steel Plate Formed and Rolled 180 Degrees with Flanges
Steel Plate Formed and Rolled 90 Degrees with Flanges

In order to make these parts, both a plate roll and a press brake were used:  the plate roll to curve the large radii, the press brake to form the flanges.

It is not that unusual to incorporate two different means and machines to curve metal.  Especially if the work is being done by a company that specializes in bending metal into various shapes including curves.  They strive to find the best methods, machines and machine operators to achieve the best curving of metal.  [maxbutton id=”1″]


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