How Fast Can You Get Custom-Fabricated Steel Tube Rings from Chicago to Brooklyn?

No doubt every manufacturer is faced with the challenges of providing a quick delivery to customers who need the goods here now (or yesterday as they often say it.)  In the case of custom metal fabrication, time elapses as a supplier receives the inquiry, quotes the job, (hopefully) receives the order, processes the order including obtaining credit approval, secures the raw material, fabricates the parts, packages the goods, secures transportation and ships the parts.  And that elapsed time adds up.

One customer called on Wednesday seeking a quantity of 60 square tube rings made of 1 x 1 x 11ga (0.120) hot rolled square tubing rolled to a 15 inch outside diameter into a full ring trimmed and tack welded.  He wanted the rings shipped from Chicago to Brooklyn two days later–by the following Friday (which happened to be a day the shop was closed for Good Friday).  Pricing was given on Wednesday, and the customer ordered the rings at noon on Thursday.  Fortunately, the square tubing was in stock.  All the paperwork was processed so quickly and the fabrication was done so efficiently that by 2:30pm (two and a half hours later including a lunch break of a half hour) a “sprinter van” was able to pick up the finished goods, race to the airport and send them on a plane from Chicago’s O’Hare to New York’s JFK.

The customer received his parts on Good Friday at noon.  He had needed these rings so badly that he was willing to fly from New York to Chicago with empty suitcases to fill with steel rings and then fly back.  Fortunately he was spared that time and expense.

Here’s the customer’s response:

“These were perfect for us.  Thank you very much!  We’re still putting them all together, but they are going to end up as custom lamps.  You’re help was absolutely invaluable.”

These must be some very special, high-end lamps that had to be somewhere over Easter weekend.

1 x 1 x 11ga Square Tube Rings with a 15 inch Outside Diameter


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