How Can You Minimize Freight Costs When Shipping Curved Steel?

Curved steel is found in architecture, OEM component parts, fittings for mechanical contractors, and even in art.  Part of the overall price of the product is the shipping cost.
There are several tactics to minimize the freight expenses involved:

• Combine shipments of curved steel going to a given region;
• Ship by rail;

• Work with a company close to the supplying steel mill so that the combined mileage from mill to bender/roller to fabricator is lessened;
• Work with a bender/roller whose trucking firms offer deep discounts;
• Maximize the tonnage of curved steel shipped on a truck by loading it effectively, for example, tilting a plate on a truck to avoid over-width charges or cutting curved sections to fit better;

• Coordinate inbound and outbound shipping so trucking firms are not “dead heading,” i.e. traveling without freight.  Alternately, when customers ship in loads of steel, the inbound trucks can then carry curved steel to the customer after they have dropped off the raw material.
• If the rolling firm can perform quickly, it is possible to curve the steel while the carrier waits to minimize traveling distance and time.

Work with bender/rollers to maximize the value of curved steel by minimizing freight costs.


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