Curved Steel Canopies – Accents that Draw in Customers

The curved steel industry has seen strong growth in many areas over the last few years.  One particular area of growing demand is from architectural accents such as curved steel canopies.  Many designers are realizing that a curved canopy offers a relatively simple, yet elegant way to make their structure stand out from other buildings that only keep a straight-lined, boxy exterior.  When it comes down to cost effective and functional methods to make a statement, curved steel canopies are an excellent method to use.

It has often been said that first impressions are the most important.  Implementing a dynamic façade for the front of your building is one way to ensure that visitors to your building are already getting a powerful impression before they walk in the door.  Curved steel stands out so well for these applications because of the way our mind and attention is attracted to the juxtaposition of curved elements against an otherwise rectilinear shape.  One major corporation who is putting this feature to use on display in its showrooms is Honda.  Many of the new Honda dealerships share very similar features on their exterior which use the curved shapes to highlight and draw in customers.


The first curved feature to highlight is the wavy canopy exterior.  In many instances, this shape is made via curving rectangular tubing the hardway.  While in others, the curved shape is made by curving steel beams the hardway to produce a similar profile.  Both examples end up being painted a bright blue color which helps to highlight the curved profile against the simply colored building.  The eye naturally sees the curve and follows it to the straight portion of the canopy, which directs the viewer towards the Honda logo and the building’s main entrance.

It should also be noted that the building’s main entrance also is accentuated by using curved materials.  The canopy’s front beam or tube is often wrapped around the front of the building, in what would be termed an ‘easyway’ roll.  Though the entire entryway gives a simple cylindrical appearance, it could easily hide additional curved structural steel components in the building frame for support.  Overall, the building is given a very simple and elegant appearance by the use of curved steel that is welcoming and inviting to customers as they approach.  Design elements like this help to bring customers to businesses.


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