Compound Bending of Rectangular Tubes for an Elaborate Parasol

In an exciting plan for a new regional park at Far Rockaway Beach in New York City, an unusual structure will stand at the end of five miles of boardwalk.  The structure incorporates 5 x 3 x 0.375 rectangular tubing in lengths from 20 to 40ft.  What makes this structure unusual is that these rectangular tubes are curved in plan, and in elevation,  and tilted 18 degrees off axis.  All the shop rolling and dimensions were derived from a customer-supplied 3D model, and the parts were checked on 3D templates.

Drawings for Rectangular Tubing Curved in Plan, in Elevation and Tilted 18 Degrees Off Axis

The completed project, which also includes 6in schedule 40 pipe rolled helically, will create five interconnected shade parasols.  The building will be 156ft long and 18ft high.

The Project also Includes 6in Pipe Rolled Helically

Comprised of some 28 acres on the Atlantic Ocean, Far Rockaway Beach is just one of five new regional parks being planned by PlaNYC.

The architects’ inspiration drew on images of gulls, parasols, and flapping fabric to design this unusual structure.  The building will be visible from miles away on the beachfront.


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