Curved Steel Channel for the Vets

Representative of the Elks USA located in Chicago via e-mail:  “Can you supply two 40in diameter rings of 3in channel in stainless steel rolled with the flanges out for the reconstruction of our flagpole base?”

Rusted Base of the Flagpole

Estimator of the Bender Roller Company:  “Here is the quotation for the work.”

Elks:  “I have a few questions.”

Estimator:  “We could provide 180 degree segments for no extra cost, and when you’re ready to order, we could look at the price again and try to bring it down.”

Marketer at Bender Roller Company to Elks:  Can you tell me if all is right with our quotation to you?

Elks:  “I have talked to the contractor to see if you could drill some holes, and I could fabricate the base myself instead of going to another fabricator who would charge an additional $4,500. Let me send you some conceptual drawings of where the holes needed to be drilled.”

Conceptual Drawing of Curved 3in Channel in 180 Degree Segments

Estimator:  “Here is the revised quotation to roll the channels and also provide straight lengths with holes and/or slots per the prints for $2,750.

Elks:  “Can you please, please bring this price down.  The Elks need this flagpole base by the end of July.  This is for a war memorial, and I’m hoping the vets can get a good price.”

Estimator:  OK. For the vets.  Here’s your price of $2,200.

Elks:  “Looks good.  Let’s order!”

The Elks National Headquarters in Chicago

The flagpole is outside the Elks National Veterans Memorial that was originally dedicated to the Elks veterans who died in World War I, and rededicated to veterans from WW2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and all future wars.  The memorial is a national landmark.


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