Bending Steel Tees from ¾ Inch to WT18

Several steel mills produce small structural steel tees in sizes from ¾” to 2-1/2” which can be purchased at many steel warehouses. Tees can be rolled stem-in, stem-out or stem-up. Larger size tees are made by splitting a structural beam, either by flame cutting or by rotary shear. (A machine that looks like an oversized can opener and works similarly).

Bending Tees Stem-Up

Beams up to 80ft long, with a web thickness up to 1in  can be split into tees with  stems as long as 22in.  When beams are split they tend to assume a curved shape with the stems curving out. (They look like bananas.)  Depending on the needs of the customer, the resultant tees can either be straightened or curved to a specified radius and often to tolerances closer than standard mill tolerances.

Splitting Heavy Beams Into Tees

Curving these steel sections can be challenging, e.g. the stem of a steel tee rolled stem-in can ripple or wave if not properly supported. With the right man, machine and method even very tight radiuses can be achieved without any distortion no matter how the steel section is curved.

Bending Tees Stem-In With No Ripples

Tees are used in a variety of applications and industries, e.g. as tank stiffeners, fan housings, and support ribs for machinery.  Stainless steel tees are used in food processing and chemical treatment equipment.  Aluminum tees are used in architecture including canopies. The applications for larger sections include agricultural and construction equipment  as well as  roof supports in gymnasiums.

Whatever size required, curved steel tee applications can be found most everywhere.

Bending Tees Stem-In as Tank Stiffeners


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