Combined Press-Brake and Rolling Fabrication for Custom Pipe Clamps

Some services of a bender/roller are becoming mixed with functions that are more common with fabricators.  One specialty function that is particularly important is the use of press-brake combined with rolling of steel plate in order to make specialized shapes.  These are very similar functions, as the press-braked material gets a radial bend around the machine tooling.  Although a press-brake bend is generally much tighter than can be achieved by standard rolling machine tooling.

One example of a part that sees these services combined is the creation of custom pipe clamps.  Custom sized pipe clamps are being used in many industries, but one that is seeing increased expansion in today’s market is the oil and gas industry.  Hundreds of miles of pipelines exist in this country, and particularly where the pipes are being pressure, clamps are needed to secure the contents while preventing excessive vibrations.

Pipe Clamps

The advantage of contacting a bender/roller for making these, is the ability to customize the pieces as needed.  Material of different thicknesses or compositions can be used by the bender/roller to meet customer exact specifications for the job required.  Stainless pipe clamps might be beneficial where pipes are exposed to marine elements.  These would have improved durability against exposure to rusting, which could also increase part longevity removing the need to replace worn pipe clamps. As well, if there is a need for a number of different parts of varying sizes, a bender/roller has the machine and tooling capabilities to adjust production to meet specifications.  Customization include such options as longer straight clamp lengths, varying bolt-hole sizes and quantities, additional height to the clamps, as well as increasing or decreasing radial dimensions as needed.

Custom Pipe Clamps

So, by contacting a bender/roller for manufacturing of pipe clamps, customers receive the enhanced capabilities of custom fabrication to meet their needs, which is always a bonus.


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