Curved Steel Sections? Material Take-Offs Yield Quick and Accurate Quotes

A material take-off supplied by a Steel Fabricator to a subcontractor who specializes in curving steel yields quick and accurate curved steel quotes. What is a curved-steel, material take-off? The Steel Fabricator sends in a list of what they need curved and how. The information needed is basic: the piece mark; the quantity; the section to be curved; the orientation (roll) of the curve, e.g. hard way (x-x axis or against the strong axis) or easy way (y-y axis or against the weak axis or sweep); the radius or diameter (inside radius, outside radius, center-line radius); and the arc length required (or degree if preferred).  Here’s a sample:

For reference, an architectural or structural drawing can be attached. However, estimators at Steel Fabricators view architectural and structural drawings daily and therefore are most likely the best to take off the required information.

Start using your own Take-Off Sheet by clicking here.


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