Square Tube Bending

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Square tube bending

Square Tube Bending of 5 x 5 x 1/4 for Agricultural "Tongue Tubes"

Square tube bending for Philadelphia's Kimmel Center

Square Tube Bending of 5 x 5 x 3/8 Tube 45 Degrees Off-Axis Rolled for Philadelphia's Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

Depending on the outside dimensions, wall thickness and radius, square tube can be rolled or bent in countless ways. And being symmetrical helps.  

With the proper machine, operator and tooling, square tubing can be bent to a surprisingly tight minimum radius successfully even if the wall of the tubing is thin.  For example, Chicago Metal Rolled Products can bend an 8 x 8 x ¼ square tube to a 12ft. inside radius--a tight curve for a large, thin-wall tube.

And square tubing can be rolled off-axis as in the case of the Kimmel Center  where the 5 square tubing is curved 45 degrees off-axis.

The demand for metal tube rolling that is square has increased.

How to order the bending of steel tube sections found here.

We provide square tube bending from 3/8 x 3/8 to 12 x 12 and virtually every size in between, using dozens of machines and hundreds of die sets to bend square tubing. A variety of methods and techniques are used including rotary draw bending with mandrels, three-roll bending, four-roll bending, and compression bending. With these techniques these machines and this tooling, customers are seldom if ever given a tooling charge.

Square Tube Bending Value-Added Services

In addition to square tube bending, we also do ancillary operations including saw cutting, drilling, and welding.

Square Tube Bending Applications

Bent square tube is used in OEM applications like roll-over protection, framework, bumpers, and playground equipment. All kinds of structures now are built with square tubes that are bent: roofs, trellises, canopies, arches, balconies, and portals. Square tubing can be formed into a helix.  This application is most often used to create stair stringers for circular staircases

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