Pipe Bending

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Bending Pipes for Playgrounds

Bending pipes for playground equipment

Bending pipes for solar canopy

Bending pipes for a solar canopy. Each pipe is bent with multiple radii.

Pipe bending

Bending pipes for a helical handrail with a steep pitch.

Bending pipes for Sprint Center

Bending pipes for Sprint Center

Circular bending pipe

Pipe bending for circular stair stringer.

Circular bending of aluminum pipe

Circular bending of aluminum pipe for a sculpture.

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Bending pipes can be done in a variety of ways: on three- or four- roll benders, on rotary draw benders (with or without mandrels), on mechanical presses and through a heat-induction process. Chicago Metal Rolled Products uses all these methods except heat-induction bending for bending pipes. Because of its symmetrical nature, with the machine for the task, the right tooling, the proven methods and the correct material, pipe can be bent to very consistent radii with no or minimum ovality or other distortion. We operate over 30 pipe bending machines in Chicago, IL and Kansas City, MO. Bending pipes can also be done in two planes including helically for handrails and stringers on circular staircases. We are regularly bending pipes to multiple radii. We bend almost all grades of steel pipe as well as doing aluminum pipe bending. Finally, we can bend half pipe.

We bend all sizes of pipe from 3/8” pipe to 24” pipe. We can do rotary draw bending to radii as tight as two times the diameter of the pipe. For example, we can bend 6” OD pipe to a 12” center line radius. We are also bending pipes to very large radii, a process not always available with other methods of bending. We can bend pipe with minimum or no distortion or ovality. The pipe bending is done cold which is usually less expensive than hot bending

How to order the bending of steel pipe sections found here.

3-roll and 4-roll bending method

  • We are bending pipes from 1” Schedule 40 to 24” Schedule 80 We have tooling to do the following pipe sizes: 24”, 20", 18", 16”, 14”, 12”, 10” and every pipe size below 10”.
  • Note: Many companies have machinery to bend these sizes of pipe but have not made the significant investment in tooling to roll these sizes, especially the larger diameters of pipe.
  • We can bend these sizes with minimum distortion. However, the tighter the radius, the more likelihood of distortion including ovality. Your best solution to what can be done is to contact Chicago Metal Rolled Products for its expert advice.
  • Circular bending aluminum pipe can be done up to 12”

Rotary draw pipe bending method

  • We can rotary draw bend pipe up to 6” Schedule 40 pipe on one of several bending machines with or without mandrels. We will pick the right machine for your requirements.
  • We have the tooling for bending pipes to a 2D bend, that is, a bend with a radius of two times the diameter of the pipe. For example, we can bend 6” diameter pipe to a 12” center-line radius.
  • Because we have invested in over 300 die sets for rotary-draw bending alone, we almost never have to charge you tooling costs, and we’re ready to respond immediately to your delivery requirements.

Pipe Bending Value-Added Services

In addition to bending pipe, we can saw cut, torch cut, plasma cut, bevel, weld, thread, grind and polish pipe. With close-by vendors we can blast and paint these products.

Pipe Bending Applications

Bending pipes is used for process piping, as elbows, as elements of a pipe truss, for canopies, for bridges, and for many kinds of arches including those in playground equipment. We have been bending pipes for fabric architecture, a combination of two types of material that has seen successful applications in the University of Phoenix Stadium, KC Live!, and various other structures. Half pipe is often welded onto tank walls as a “jacket” for heating or cooling. Aluminum pipe bending is often used for displays and exhibits. Circular bending of aluminum pipe is often used for signage.  Not to be confused with what we call pipe bending, Chicago Metal Rolled Products also bends sheet metal and plate into a cylinder to create straight pipe for pneumatic conveying systems and other applications.

For more information on our steel and aluminum pipe bending applications and services, contact us.