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Pipe Bending Services

Pipe bending can be performed in a variety of ways: on three- or four- roll benders, on rotary draw benders (with or without mandrel bending), on mechanical presses and through a heat-induction process. Chicago Metal Rolled Products' pipe bending services utlilize all these methods.

Custom Pipe Bending: Radii, Sizes & Grades

Chicago Metal Rolled Products (CMRP) can roll pipe to multiple radii. Because of its symmetrical nature—and with the right machine, tooling, and method for the task—pipe can be bent to very consistent radii.

We can perform rotary draw pipe bending to radii as tight as twice the diameter of the pipe—for example, 6” OD pipe can be bent to a 12” centerline radius. Pipe bending can also be performed across two planes, like the helical pipe used for handrails and stringers on circular staircases. CMRP can also curve pipes to very large radii, a service that not all pipe bending companies can provide.

From the tightest bend to the broadest, our pipe bending processes produce little to no distortion or ovality.

We roll all sizes of pipe from 3/8” to 24”. We work with almost all grades of carbon steel pipe and aluminum pipe. We can bend full and half pipe with equal quality and precision.

Request a quote on custom pipe bending for your project. Contact us to learn more about our pipe bending services. 

Pipe Bending Images

Click here to see more examples of our pipe bending capabilities. 

3-roll & 4-Roll Pipe Bending

CMRP can curve pipes from 1” Schedule 40 to 24” Schedule 80. We have the tooling to accommodate the following pipe sizes: 24”, 20”, 18”, 16”, 14”, 12”, and 10”, as well as every pipe size below 10”. Many pipe bending companies have the proper machinery to roll these sizes, but have not invested in the tooling required to roll these sizes, especially larger-diameter pipes.

Our pipe bending services generate minimal distortion, regardless of pipe size. However, the tighter the radius, the greater the likelihood of distortion, including ovality. We will work with you to determine the best anti-distortion solution for your custom pipe bending project.

We can produce circular bends in aluminum pipe up to 12”.

Rotary Draw Pipe Bending Method

Chicago Metal Rolled Products has multiple rotary draw pipe bending machines at our disposal, with and without mandrels, giving us the capabilities to curve pipe up to 6” Schedule 40. We will determine which rotary draw machine is right for your custom pipe bending project, based on your size, material/grade, and bend requirements.

We have the tooling available to produce a 2D pipe bend—that is, a bend with a radius of twice the diameter of the pipe. For example, we can bend 6” diameter pipe to a 12” center-line radius.

Thanks to our extensive array of tooling and dies for rotary draw pipe bending, we almost never have to charge tooling costs, and we’re able to respond immediately to your delivery requirements.

Pipe Bending Value-Added Services

To complement our pipe bending services and save you time and money on your project, CMRP offers a variety of secondary operations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Saw cutting
  • Torch cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Beveling
  • Welding
  • Threading
  • Grinding
  • Polishing

 We can also provide blasting, painting, and more through local vendors.

Pipe Bending Applications

Our versatile pipe bending capabilities allow us to provide products for a wide range of industries and applications.

  • We produce a variety of process piping, such as elbows, elements for pipe trusses, canopies, and bridges, and arches of all kinds, including those used in playground equipment
  • We have provided pipe bending services for fabric architecture. This combination of two types of materials have been used successfully in the University of Phoenix Stadium, KC Live!, and various other structures
  • Curved half pipes are often welded onto storage tank walls as a “jacket” for heating or cooling
  • Aluminum pipe is often rolled for  use in displays and exhibits, and circular rolled pipe is often used for signage
  • Though it’s not actually “pipe bending”, we can also bend sheet metal and plate into cylinders to create straight pipes for pneumatic conveyors and other applications

Request a quote for your custom pipe bending project. Not sure how to properly specify the curves your project requires? Click here! Or, contact CMRP to discuss your custom requirements.


  • "The quality and accuracy of CMRP's work is outstanding."
    Eric T., Illinois
  • "Please pass on a big thank you to your team. All of the folks here that have seen the parts have provided me with the most positive feedback possible. Your company has new fans here."
    Bruce E., Kansas
  • "Without CMRP able to roll these channels to my specifications, there was no way this beautiful round antenna would have ever worked. This is the first round weather radar antenna of its kind in the world and the fabrication recipe (starting with your rings) that produced the antenna actually went together without issue and seems to be very repeatable."
    Damon S., Wisconsin
  • "My customer has installed several truck loads worth of 36" x 160# WF beams you rolled and cambered for us. He was very pleased with the quality of your work. Thank you for your attention to detail and the quality of work you produce."
    Justin J., Alabama
  • "The rolled stringers were right on the button as far as pitch and radius."
    Bob O., Illinois
  • "I really appreciate your company coming through on this order and expediting the material when you said you would. It is nice to know when someone gives you a date they follow through with it and stick by their word. Thanks again!"
    Jason R., Missouri
  • "The last order of rings were the best that we have received from you. The flanges were all flat. Keep them coming like that."
    Lenny P., Ohio
    Peggy, Texas
  • "The ring looks good! The OD is dead on. Thank you for your concerns regarding our questions and responding so quickly. I was impressed! It is quite apparent that Chicago Metal is customer-service oriented."
    Fran Z., Pennsylvania
  • "Please pass on to the workers, . . . (your) rings . . . were some of the best our fitter has seen."
    Jeff K., Illinois
  • "I want to thank CMRP for performing as you promised. You are ahead of schedule and the strakes are fitting great. In addition, thank you for actually exceeding what you promised."
    Jim A., New York
  • "Your advice was a significant contribution to the project."
    John Z., Illinois
  • "These pipes were rolled DEAD ON. The guys in the shop said they had never seen a pipe come in and hit every point like that in a long long time."
    Joe C., Missouri
  • "The rolling on these rectangular tubes was absolutely perfect! Barely any adjustment needed to be made."
    Tom G., Massachusetts
  • “We just placed an order for a few Rolled Angle Rings (for a Rush project), and Chicago Metal rolled the angles (and had them delivered) to us within 2-1/2 days ..(For the record, we are three states away from them).”
    Jim S., Pennsylvania
  • “I would like a quote on a spiral project. I have heard many good things about your quality and timeliness from other fabricators.”
    Ryan L., Utah
  • “The rolled beams were delivered yesterday and look very good. Thank you for great service!”
    Thomas S., Maine
  • “I’ve worked with CMRP for over 16 years and can rely on them for any size job and in any time frame. There is an ease of doing business with CMRP. They have great people working for them on all levels which makes it enjoyable to do business with their company. Good service matters a lot in this industry and CMRP delivers every time.”
    Mindy, H., Indiana
  • “It is unbelievable how good a job you guys did rolling these beams.”
    Richard G., Canada
  • “You all helped us out greatly when no one else seemed they could. Everything worked out wonderfully!”
    Cliff P., Florida
  • “The parts are very impressive and the service was stellar. I will certainly be using your company in the future for any similar work as well as recommending you to anyone needing such services.”
    Randy W., Georgia
  • “We got everything we needed in a very short turnaround, I appreciate it – so much in fact I have been talking up CMRP to the other theatres in town on our forum group. We are happy to have a reliable source to turn to.”
    Russell P., Illinois
  • “Quote was great! Timely, appropriate, and frankly less money than we expected.”
    James L., New York
  • “Our customer did not respond until mid afternoon, 2 days before they needed the job installed, with the parts they needed. I contacted CMRP, who immediately took action and shipped out my order the same day! This all happened like clockwork, allowing us to meet the deadline.”
    Margo R., Ohio
  • “Material on time and right on spec.”
    Dave F., Pennsylvania
  • “We only use CMRP for our rolling needs. We can always depend on getting a finished product that is to our expectations or better no matter the quantity.”
    David P., New York
  • “You are on top of it this morning!! I wish everyone could get quotes back that fast! That is why we use you, fast response to quotes and questions and great quality!”
    Will F., Indiana
  • “Great Pricing. Thank you!”
    Gabe H., Indiana
  • “Your quotes are always so well organized and thorough, I trust your work.”
    Jessica, South Carolina
  • “On larger more complex rolling items, I typically only go to Chicago Metal Rolled Products for pricing due to quality.”
    Kevin H., Pennsylvania
  • “Thanks for providing the material. First two sets were laid out and fabricated. Radius was excellent!”
    Brad, Iowa
  • “We really appreciate your work on this. Amazing attention for a smaller sized job. Thank you for coming through.”
    Erik J., New York
  • “You provided excellent service and knowledge.”
    Bronislaw L., Indiana
  • “The project was AMAZING! Thank you so much for your help. I really do appreciate it. Always a pleasure doing business with you.”
    Kelly E., Iowa
  • “Your price was not the cheapest, but your salesman provided a quick quote with an offer to explain things we should take into account. It's known you guys do the best work. We are going to give you guys the job.”
    Mark R., Maryland
  • “Thank you for working with us. The last 2 rolling orders were right on the money!”
    John B., New York
  • “Thank you for your help with the project and for getting everything complete and shipped out in a such a timely fashion. You guys saved the day.”
    Ben B., Florida
  • “Darn, you're quoting is faster than a speeding bullet.”
    Steven M., Texas
  • “You guys did an amazing job on these stringers. We would NOT be having such a success story without your team! Thank you for your efforts and of course your patience.”
    David B., Oklahoma
  • “You gave me excellent service and help which I appreciated very much.”
    Brian S., Pennsylvania
  • “Your positive attitude is noted & CMRP reputation in the steel industry is impressive. I have contacted the purchasing managers at each of our locations so they may consider Chicago Metal Rolled Products in the future.”
    Dwave B., North Carolina
  • “My boilermakers in the field had positive things to say about the quality and accuracy of the angles that you rolled. Thank you.”
    Walter L., New York
  • “The project is complete and our customer is very pleased. I appreciate your diligence and quality on this one.”
    Dusty A., Texas

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