Channel Bending

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Steel channel bending with flanges out

Steel channel bending of C6 flanges out.

Bend channels with flanges in

Steel channel bending of C15x33.9 flanges in to a 147 inch OD

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Chicago Metal can bend channels with the flanges out, with the flanges in, and the hard way of the web.  The easiest to bend is flanges out.  Depending on the size of the flanges, it may be difficult to roll flanges in if the flanges are relatively tall.  The most difficult way to bend channels is the hard way—indeed, everything else being equal—it is one of the most difficult structural shapes to bend without distortion.  Having said that, our skilled operators are experts at rolling all channels in all orientations.  In checking the quality of a channel bent the hard way, you should check that the flanges are square, that there has been no buckling of the web, and that the radius is true.  Chicago Metal Rolled Products excels at bending the most difficult sections to the tightest radii with no or minimal distortion.  Chicago Metal does steel channel bending as well as aluminum channel bending.  Finally, we can bend channels off axis, helically, with multiple radii, and in 2 planes. Feel free to call us for consultation on your needs.

How to order the bending of steel channel sections found here.

Channel Bending Value-Added Services

We can cut, bevel, punch, weld, grind or polish your channel rings or curved segments.

Channel Bending Applications

Channels are often used as stiffeners on curved sheet or plate, as component parts of machinery, as cradles for tanks, and as trays to hold electrical wiring.  In construction, channels are used as curved lintels, roof supports, and canopies.

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