Carbon Steel Bending

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Steel bending of pipes

Samples of steel bending of pipe and tube.

Steel bending for Mets Citi Field

Steel bending for Mets Citi Field

Steel bending of carbon plate

Steel bending of carbon plate into a cone segment

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Although Chicago Metal bends many metals including aluminum, brass, copper, and other alloys, carbon steel bending is curved in higher volume than any other metal. Carbon steel comes in a wide variety of grades each with its special characteristics and mechanical properties. Some grades bend better than others; some are more easily machined; and some are more wear-resistant. Engineers, steel producers and service centers can advise regarding the best metal for your steel bending application.

Carbon Steel Bending Capacities

We can bend carbon steel bars, beams, channels, tees, angles, tube, pipe, sheet and plate. With over 100 years of accumulated experience (since 1908), we can be a helpful resource to you when you have a requirement for carbon steel bending. We have some of the largest equipment in the world to bend carbon steel. Typically we are putting a specified radius in a beam, for example, that may support a roof. Or we might be bending a plate into a cylinder for a tank. Or we might be forming an angle out of plate on our press brakes and then curving that angle into a ring on our structural rolls. We have made the investment in equipment and operator training so that there are hardly any carbon steel shapes we can not bend efficiently.

Carbon Steel Bending Value-Added Services

We regularly roll plate into cylinders or cylinder segments out of carbon steel plate that already has cut outs or holes in it. We have rolled flattened and expanded plate and perforated sheet and plate. Due to the plate rolling process at times cut outs, beveling, or drilling must be done after the plate is rolled. We have the experience to guide you through the process. With the long shapes—angles, bars, beams, channels, tees, pipe and tube—we also cut, drill, bevel, punch and weld sometimes before rolling and sometimes after rolling. Again, we can provide advice on how any given project can be done.

Carbon Steel Bending Applications

Given the great interest in sustainability and preserving our resources, carbon steel remains one of the best materials for use in both construction and as component parts for equipment. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. Almost all of the carbon steel that we fabricate is recycled. And all of our scrap steel is also recycled. As the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) says, “There is always a solution in steel.”

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