Aluminum Bending

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Aluminum bending of rings

Aluminum bending of rings for machine gun turrets on Humvees.

Circular bending aluminum pipe

Bending aluminum sheet into pipe, welding the pipe, and attaching punched aluminum flanges.

Aluminum bending & plate rolling

Plate rolling of aluminum with multi-radius bends for a table.

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Bending aluminum can be tricky, especially to tight radii.  Among other reactions, aluminum tends to work-harden and crack if the correct methods are not used.  Aluminum comes in a number of grades and tempers. Probably the most commonly bent aluminum is 6061 T6.  6061 T6 has good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. 6063 T52 is often used for architectural and ornamental applications. This grade is highly corrosion resistant and has good formability. Greater formability for bending aluminum tubing can be found through an annealing process where aluminum can be brought to a zero temper.  Finally, we believe that some grades of aluminum age-harden, and we prefer to work with “fresh” material.

Aluminum Bending Capacities

Chicago Metal is bending aluminum of all the long sections:  bars, structural shapes, pipe and tubing.  We can also bend aluminum sheet and plate into cylinders or cylinder segments. Some aluminum sections have sharp corners with no fillet. Bending aluminum tubing requires considerable expertise. With our experience bending aluminum, we can advise which sections can be bent for optimum results.

Aluminum Bending Value-Added Services

We can weld, pierce, saw, drill, and grind the aluminum we bend.  At times these operations must be done before bending aluminum; at other times they must be done after bending the aluminum.  As with all operations, it is best to consult with us regarding the best methods for bending aluminum tubing.

Aluminum Bending Applications

Circular bending aluminum pipe provides rings for many applications. Bending aluminum is used for components on boats, antennas, transportation equipment, signage, and many other applications.  Its corrosion resistance as well as its strength-to-weight ratio often makes aluminum the material of choice for many applications.   A number of artists, for example, have had us do circular bending aluminum pipe for sculptures and elaborate lighting fixtures.

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